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The ENRICHME project is a collaboration by 10 partners coming from 6 European Countries, representing healthcare organisations, housing associations, universities, research institutions, and industry.


EBMOperating since 1978, Elettronica Bio Medicale (EBM) is a leader company in the provision of outsourced and integrated management and maintenance services for medical devices and ICT technologies in the health field in Italy. EBM provides an on site service with the company’s specialists, so as to guarantee utmost optimisation of costs and intervention times. Telecare and telemedicine services make part of this sector. EBM is part of TBS Group an international company quoted in the italian stock exchange market. With the recent merging of Tesan S.p.A., EBM is an authoritative partner of the large health and social assistance networks at a national level for the services and systems management of Telecare and Telemedicine solutions. EBM designs and manages telematic services including 24/7 services dedicated to elderly, disabled, chronically ill and partially self-sufficient persons. It has acquired a solid experience that enables thousands of people to make use of highly specialised services in their homes and out of the healthcare institutions, with a consequent improvement in their quality of life and reduction in hospitalisation needs and costs.  The achievement of these objectives is guaranteed by continuous investments in research, development and technological renovation of the structure and staff training to support public facilities and workers involved in the medical and social assistance. The EBM services are accompanied by a careful selection of tools and technology in order to meet the users’ needs and guarantee the standards quality required for a service linked to the safety, health and, in some cases, to the life of individuals.  EBM takes on the role of  Project Coordination (WP9)


UoL-logo-general-use-white-backgroundThe University of Lincolnlocated in the heart of the city of Lincoln, has established an international reputation based on high student satisfaction, excellent graduate employment and world-class research. Research funding within the University is obtained from a variety of external sources, including the European Commission, the Research Councils, Government Departments (UK and Overseas), Charities and other similar organisations. A major research group within the School of Computer Science is the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems Research (L-CAS), which comprises several full-time academic staff and many post-doctoral, postgraduate, and international visiting researchers. L-CAS pursues several major lines of fundamental research into autonomous systems, including (i) human-centred mobile robotics, (ii) long-term autonomy and adaptation in changing environments, (iii) machine perception and sensor fusion, and (iv) bio-inspired embedded systems. The Centre further specialises in systems integration, bringing together relevant technologies to tackle challenging real-world applications through external partnerships, especially in industrial and commercial services, assistive care, food and agriculture, security, and transportation.  UOL is the Technical Manager of ENRICHME project, leads WP4 “Services for ambient assisted living and WP7 “System assistance and improvement”



LOGOKontor46s business area is in high tech hardware and software developments. Kontor46 is currently working mainly in Human-Machine Interfaces, Safety for Robotics, and Biomedical Devices Ergonomics, as well as ISO standards implementation and certification.  K46 is the Impact Manager of ENRICHME project and leader of WP8 “Impact analysis, exploitation and dissemination”




logo armines Kopie KopieARMINES is a private non-profit research organisation funded in 1967. ARMINES operates within the framework of the law of 18 April 2006 which allows public sector higher education or research establishments to entrust private-sector organisations with their contractual research activities. Under the supervision of the French Ministry for Productive Recovery, ARMINES is bound, by French government approved agreements, to its partner engineering schools (48 research centres): Mines ParisTech, Ecole des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux, Ecole des Mines d’Alès, Ecole des Mines de Douai, Ecole des Mines de Nantes and Ecole des Mines de Saint-Étienne. ARMINES collaborates also with laboratories from ENSTA ParisTech.  ARMINES takes the role of Quality Assurance Manager and leads the WP2 “Robot Software Development”


Smart_Homes_logo Smart Homes is the expert centre on home automation & smart living. This includes areas like eHealth, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and also energy management. Founded in 1998, Smart Homes acts as an independent and intermediary organisation in the complex market of technology for a better quality of life. Our main focus is on  bridging the worlds of technical developments and those of end-users and service providers. Smart Homes is the leader of WP5 ” Testing in AAL laboratories”

The Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS is the largest private non-profit Organisation in the field of rehabilitation in Italy. Currently it runs 29 medical and social rehabilitation centres, providing medical, social and vocational rehabilitation to individuals of all ages with a variety of physical, sensory and mental disabilities. It currently employs 5900 persons including medical, paramedical, technical and administrative personnel. Funding is based mainly on provision of medical and vocational rehabilitation services, according to the current National Health Service and Regional policies.  Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi is mainly involved in testing the developed prototype within his smart home laboratory for assessing the usability and acceptability (WP5 and WP6).



PUMSPUMS is one of the best and largest medical universities in Poland, with more than 90 years of academic experience. It is currently recognised as the largest educational, research, and clinical centre in Poland (according to the yearly published rankings). It is well equipped for research in basic medical sciences, clinical investigations, diagnosis and treatment. To this date, the University has entered into more than 30 long-term partnership agreements with medical universities and research centres worldwide.  In ENRICHME project, PUMS, leader of WP6 ” Validation on Elderly Housing facilities”, takes the role of Scientific Manager





LACE Housing Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation with charitable status. We understand the importance and value of independence and dignity at a time when frailty and disability threaten to take them away so we design, develop and maintain a very high standard of specialist accommodation and individual support services to help respond to the challenges of later life.  LACE is a testing site for long term validation (WP6 “Validation in Elderly house facilities” )




logo_www_MFH_engAktios, a colorful and vivid organization of elderly care with a capacity of 246 beds in 4 units, introduces a special and unique model of care!  In our units, Aktios and Aktios Alzheimer Unit located in Agia Paraskevi, Aktios Odigos in Vari, as well as Aktios Art Palace located in Maroussi, we emphasize in hospitality services, nursing care as well as stroke and bone fracture rehabilitation and provide specialized services for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  In Aktios’ Units we follow a dynamic model of operation. With frequent changes in decoration according to the season, many different activities and occupations, colors, light and music, we manage to create a residence full of life. We aim that Aktios Units be places of life and health rather than conventional elderly care units.  Our main concern is to maintain the home environment and provide a care setting where residents and guests feel as safe and comfortable as they would at home, while at the same time they may enjoy hospitality and specialized psycho geriatric services.  Aktios will participate at the second phase of the project.  It will be one of the three sites where the ENRICHME system will be evaluated to validate the respective services in support to the quality of life of the elderly people.


PAL Robotics provides robotic products and services which can become an integral part people´s daily life, as well as research platforms as base for further innovation. It builds robot parts, personalised robot platforms, and robots for different service industries. The company also offers a range of robotic components including actuation modules, robotic arms and mobile bases along with software i.e. navigation and manipulation software. Currently PAL Robotics has more than 30 employees specialised in different disciplines such as mechanical and electronic design, software HRI, movement control, vision, navigation among others. PAL Robotics’short-term goals are to introduce global best practices and solutions that help our customers adapt and succeed in today’s ever changing business environment, as well as promote sustainable growth through partnerships with companies that work in varied niche markets. PAL Robotics expertise is based in the integral construction of robots, both from the mechanically and electronic point of view, as well as the development of the software are designed and implemented within the company. The main features of PAL Robotics robots are:
· They are constructed in a modular way, so it is possible to change the different components of the robot
· They operate in crowded environments, regularly tested in shopping malls, museums and conference centers, ensuring its interaction with hundreds of people
· Safety considerations are included in the design of the robots and movements definition
· Human Robot Interaction is a key feature in the design of robots. This includes: visual and speech interaction, embedded touchscreen applications