List of public deliverables


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Lead participant


Delivery date

D8.1 ENRICHME logo and website 8 K46  DEC M3
D1.1 ENRICHME User Requirements  Report 1 PUMS R M4
D1.2 Ethical and legal issue report 1 LACE  R M5
D1.3 Testing activities protocol 1 PUMS R M25
D3.1 ENRICHME prototypes 3 PAL DEM M26
D8.2 DMP report 8 UOL  R M26
D5.1 Report on testing in AAL laboratories 5 SMH R M27
D7.1 Release of ENRICHME systems 7 PAL  DEM M28
D4.2 Implementation of services for assisted living 4 UOL  OTHER M28
D4.3 ENRICHME Networked Care Platform 4 EBM  OTHER M28
D7.2 User manual 7 EBM R M28
D8.3 Plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results 8 K46 R M36
D1.5 Ethical and legal issue final report 1 LACE R M36
D6.1 Validation report 6 PUMS  R M36
D8.5 Production of ENRICHME video 8 EBM DEC M36